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Parkview Manor, Inc. is a rental complex financed by the USDA Rural Development (USDA RD), an agency of the United States Department of Agriculture. As such it is subject to the nondiscrimination provisions of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title VIII of the Fair Housing Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Age Discrimination Act of 1975.


Apartment Projects

The USDA subsidizes over 15,000 section 515 rural multi-family apartment complexes throughout the 50 states, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and Guam. Properties are classified as Elderly or Family and provide unit sizes from studio to 4 bedroom. The properties are serviced by approved Management Agencies who provide required annual tenant certification processing for their residents.

Rental Assistance

The USDA PROVIDES project-based Rental Assistance for over 250,000 apartment units throughout the nation. Tenants receiving Rental Assistance pay no more than 30% of their adjusted income for rent with a utility allotment. Eligibility is determined by income standards set at the state and county level.

Our facility consists of 34 units.  The majority are 1 bedroom apartments.  We also have four efficiency/studio size apartments. 


We rent primarily to the elderly and those who are disabled and classified as having very low or low income status that qualify for USDA-RD assistance.

USDA-RD Assistance Table
(Adjust Annual Income)

  • 1 Person | VL | $19,500

  • 2 Persons | VL | $22,300

  • 1 Person | L | $31,200

  • 2 Persons | L | $35,650

Rent is figured based on your annual income.

Without Assistance
0 Bedroom | $535.00
1 Bedroom | $579.00

*MOST of our applicants are in dire need of housing by the time they reach out to us.  However we have state guidelines we MUST follow in order to be legal and fair to everyone.  We always go in the order of the application received date beginning with VL income individuals first.  We proceed from there.  We CANNOT move applicants up on the list at will.  The ONLY way to be moved up is if current housing was have lost by a natural disaster. (Per USDA-RD)  


If you have lost your current housing due to any other reason and feel you are in an emergency situation, you will need to contact USDA-RD directly at 606-784-6447 to pursue and file a LOPE (Letter of Priority Entitlement) document.  

Board of Directors

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